Hi. My name is Marc.

Speaker. Advisor. Broadway Musician.

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I Need a Dynamic Speaker

Inspire and empower your team through keynotes, workshops, and seminars on leadership and personal branding.

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I Want to Build My Personal Brand

Work on your own or directly with me and my team to build a personal brand that creates an impact and leaves a legacy.

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I Have to…Wait, You Play Bass?

Find out how I went from having no experience to performing on Broadway in one of the biggest shows in the world!

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Hi. My name is Marc. And I am a speaker and advisor who specializes in leadership and personal branding.

For more than twenty years, my life has revolved around mastering the art and science of branding and marketing people. Figuring out what makes someone tick and how to get the rest of the world to fall in love with them and what they stand for.

This work has put me in front of best-selling authors, hall of fame speakers, billion-dollar companies, famous artists, and high-level executives. It has allowed me to share the stage with some of the most dynamic and influential speakers in the world. It has given me the once in a lifetime chance to perform in a Tony Award Winning Broadway Show.

And now it has introduced me to you.

Whether you are here to inspire your audience, grow your business, find your purpose, or change the world, I can help. It’s what I do.

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What People Are Saying

I couldn't give bigger praise to a friend and mentor than I would for Marc and all of his expertise of how to bring your brand and awareness to an entirely new level.
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Fully Accountable
By following the CHOSEN video course I literally made more progress on my personal brand in four weeks than I had made in years of working with other high-priced coaches and consultants!
Bob Quintana
Author, Speaker and Trainer
If you're looking for a personal branding expert that can speak at your event, work at your association or just help you personally brand better, Marc Ensign is your guy.
Phil Gerbyshak
Founder, Digital Selling Strategies
I just wanted to take this moment to let you know if you are thinking about engaging Marc, he is absolutely brilliant.
Simon T. Bailey
Hall of Fame Speaker
Marc's out there doing all the right things, being the right guy, and with a heart the size of a planet. He's one of the good guys.
Chris Brogan
Speaker and Bestselling Author
Marc Ensign has completely transformed our tour with his incredible dedication and influences.
Anthony Amos
President and CEO, Bathe to Save
Marc’s energy and experience when it comes to motivating people and innovative problem solving has undoubtedly changed my team’s trajectory for the good of our company and scores of our customers.
Joseph Palumbo
Lead Founder, Managed Cloud, Rackspace Hosting
Being able to take a complex concept and make it simple, fun and engaging is a gift! And Marc has it!
Jairek Robbins
Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
Marc ended up being the third highest ranking speaker at our conference, surpassed only by Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Stratten. I highly recommend hiring Marc to speak at your next conference.
Anita Kirkbride
Founder, Social Media Day Halifax
He gets it at a deeper level than you or I do. From visual elements to functionality.
Hal Elrod
Best Selling Author, The Miracle Morning

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