My story begins back when I was a kid with a snap-on cape and a burning desire to change the world. And while most kids have some type of superhero complex when they are younger, they eventually outgrow it.

Not me.

I have spent the vast majority of my life searching for the proverbial burning building that I would run into and save the day. Leaving my mark on this planet. However, stuff like that rarely shows up when or how we expect it to. But more on that later.

Performing in the 20th Anniversary International Tour of the Broadway Show Rent. That’s me on the far left playing bass in the band.

Upon the realization that it might take a little longer to change the world than I thought, I got distracted. I found myself graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in music performance and the impossible dream of one day performing on Broadway.

But there was a problem

I was completely unqualified. I was too young and inexperienced. But what I lacked in experience I more than made up for in the ability to market myself and chase my dream with a level of tenacity that Broadway has never seen. And somehow that was enough to earn my place on stage as the bass player for the Tony Award Winning Broadway Show Rent.

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Fast forward a bunch of years later after traveling around the world playing music, recording with Grammy Award Winning Artists, and writing for some of the most widely read music publications in the world, I decided to start my own marketing company.

Somewhere along the way, I caught the attention of Nike. Then American Express. Then Berkshire Hathaway. And for the next fifteen years, I found myself running an online marketing firm that worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Until I remembered that kid with the snap-on cape and the burning desire to change the world.

So I left.

I resigned from my own company in exchange for nothing more than the freedom to chase my next big dream. And that’s when I started LoudMouse. A personal branding agency that works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world who want to further their legacy and spread their message through speaking, writing, and coaching.

For the past few years, LoudMouse has been growing fast and furious with a client base that includes hall of fame speakers, best selling authors, seven-figure coaches, award-winning entrepreneurs, executives of billion-dollar companies…and of course, me.

Speaking in front of an audience that included Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and bestselling author of The E-Myth, Michael Gerber.

As a professional speaker, I have shared the stage with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, Chelsea Clinton, Scott Stratten, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan, and many more. My writing has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, CNN, The New York Post, and many other publications. And my theories on marketing, leadership, and personal branding are currently being taught to people around the world.

And that brings us back to that whole “change the world” thing I mentioned earlier. When I look back at my life experience, I see a bass player who supported a show that changed Broadway and changed the lives of those who saw it. I see a speaker that inspires people to take on something they never thought possible. I see a writer who puts words together that changes the way you see something. And I see an entrepreneur who helps people create a legacy that impacts hundreds of millions of people.

You see, I was never meant to change the world alone. I was meant to change the world by helping people like you who want to change the world.

Let’s Be Friends!

Some people collect stamps. I collect people. Not in a creepy serial killer kind of way. I love connecting with people and building real communities with real human beings. So, if you have room for one more friend, here’s where you can find me…