Marc Ensign has completely transformed our tour with his incredible dedication and influences.

Anthony Amos
President and CEO, Bathe to Save

Marc is relatable, he is funny, he knows what he's talking about and he has great information to share and shares it in a way that sticks with you.

Lisa Demmi
NSA Central Florida

We brought Marc to Halifax to speak at the Atlantic Interactive Marketing Conference because his message and methodology are authentic, easily implemented and forward-thinking. Marc ended up being the third highest ranking speaker at our conference, surpassed only by Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Stratten. I highly recommend hiring Marc to speak at your next conference.

Anita Kirkbride
Founder, Social Media Day Halifax

I've used Marc in very complex projects and I've found his expertise invaluable.

Brian Giese
CEO, True Influence

I couldn't give bigger praise to a friend and mentor than I would for Marc and all of his expertise of how to bring your brand and awareness to an entirely new level.

Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Fully Accountable

My experience in working with Marc Ensign and the CHOSEN program far exceeded my expectations! For numerous years I had worked on developing my personal brand but could never find a program or mentor that offered me a blueprint…a process...a step-by-step approach to getting it done. CHOSEN and Marc Ensign have provided all that and more! By following the CHOSEN video course I literally made more progress on my personal brand in four weeks than I had made in years of working with other high-priced coaches and consultants! CHOSEN and Marc Ensign are the real deal!

Bob Quintana
Author, Speaker and Trainer

Marc is knowledgeable, meets you where you are, doesn't drag you to where he thinks you should be, and has an incredible sense of humor (essential in when dealing with non-profits like us!). I highly recommend him!

Laura Amerman
Chief Development Officer, Breakthrough New York

Trusting your online marketing to someone is a BIG deal. Think about it: your prospects make a snap judgement of you and your entire brand within seconds of landing on your site. In other words, you can't screw this up. Enter Marc, and now you have nothing to worry about. Hiring Marc to design my site, was the best decision I could have made. He gets it at a deeper level than you or I do. From visual elements to functionality.

Hal Elrod
Best Selling Author, The Miracle Morning

Talk about selling out the room!! Marc did an outstanding job! The response was great! Every one of the evaluation sheets was favorable. Unheard of!

Richard Colton

Marc's out there doing all the right things, being the right guy, and with a heart the size of a planet. He's one of the good guys.

Chris Brogan
Speaker and Bestselling Author

Marc had a solution that was able to help us create an online marketplace that has reached millions of people around the world! Thank you for your insights and help with our online strategy over the past seven years!

Jairek Robbins
Keynote Speaker and Performance Coach

If you're looking for a personal branding expert that can speak at your event, work at your association or just help you personally brand better, Marc Ensign is your guy.

Phil Gerbyshak
Founder, Digital Selling Strategies

The man is Marc Ensign. He’s the author of one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever read on the Internet: From Now On I’m Going to Be a Dick to Everyone I Meet Online. So tonight I couldn’t get to sleep and I happened upon an offer to download a book written by the guy who wrote that piece up there that I still can’t stop thinking about over a year after I read it. You can read it in half an hour. But you’ll be thinking of it much longer. Like the Dick story, Unbreakable is a parable. It’s about a struggling musician, but it’s really about you. You and whatever you’re trying to do with your life.

Mark Traphagen
VP of Content Strategy, Aimclear

It was an absolute pleasure to have Marc speak at our event in NYC. He brought all the key components that are needed to make an event ROCK! Being able to take a complex concept and make it simple, fun and engaging is a gift! And Marc has it!

Jairek Robbins
Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

No matter the sophistication or complexity of the job in question, Marc consistently delivers and far exceeds my expectations. He is an asset to any serious business, and I highly recommend him.

Robert Navarro
President & CEO, RA Audio

Marc Ensign’s got hustle and isn't afraid to step outside his comfort zone. His journey will be fun to watch.

Tommy Walker
Global Editor in Chief, The QuickBooks Resource Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marc Ensign over the past year on several high profile technical projects. As a savvy business owner, brilliant visionary, and engaging storyteller, I would highly recommend Marc for any project big or small. He genuinely cares about his team, his clients, and delivering solid results.

Stacey Ford
Manager Fanatical Support, Managed Cloud at Rackspace

Thank you for everything you do for our firm. You are truly a genius!

Howard M. Shore
Speaker, Bestselling Author, Coach of Activate Group

Marc is high energy and straight forward with an understanding of what to do and what not to do. Best of all he has a different approach to marketing and realizes that the same old thing just doesn't work. I look forward to working together on future projects.

David Blake
Innovation & Creativity Trainer, Speaker, and Facilitator

Marc’s energy and experience when it comes to motivating people and innovative problem solving has undoubtedly changed my team’s trajectory for the good of our company and scores of our customers. Marc Ensign is the closest thing this industry has to a Jerry Maguire!

Joseph Palumbo
Lead Founder, Managed Cloud, Rackspace Hosting

The feedback we get from our community from around the world. They tell us that your web presence is...mama mia...or what we would say is brilliant. But it wouldn't happen if it wasn't for Marc at LoudMouse. So, I just wanted to take this moment to let you know if you are thinking about engaging Marc, he is absolutely brilliant.

Simon T. Bailey
Hall of Fame Speaker

The topic of Personal Branding and all its components you shared at NSA Central Florida today couldn't have been timed more perfectly. Lots of guidance and practical ways to build it. Marc Ensign, you made it seem achievable, not overwhelming and that is what helps the most. Taking action on what we learned. Thank you!

Carolyn Quintin
President, Quintin and Associates, Inc.

I finished reading your book and I must say it is the most comprehensive “how to” I’ve come across. Not only is the language mine, but it also breaks down the process with an honest approach and understanding people like me need. You have inspired me!

Kathleen C
Audience Member

I have found my views about branding completely transformed as a result of your talk. I have only been a follower for a few weeks now and can completely see through many of the "gurus" out there thanks to you. Your work is a breath of fresh air.

Giselle R.
Audience Member

I love the irreverent (and wise) perspective Marc has on the often manipulative world of social media. Best of all, Marc is a visionary with integrity and a wicked sense of humor!

Tom Martin
President, Tom Martin Media

You're spirit and wisdom has changed my life as a manager. Thank you.

Mark F.
Audience Member

Rackspace has been fortunate to have Marc speak at several events over the years, addressing both employees and customers. In specific, he has spent a working day with our Managed Cloud Account Specialist team enlightening them on what a prospective customer is searching for when making a decision on their internet hosting company and how to address their needs once they become a valued customer.

Marc’s technical knowledge, business acumen and real-world application of web design and development is truly an asset to Rackspace and its employees. His willingness to share his vision with our employees is invaluable to the growth of our company. And if you have the chance to have Marc address your business team or organization, you will not be disappointed.

John McKenna
Strategic Marketing Manager, Rackspace Hosting