Do you still play? That’s probably the most frequently asked question I get when I do one of my talks that includes a story about my career as an electric bass player. So I figured I would answer it here.

I do. Pretty often too.

While you’re not going to catch me playing in a Nirvana cover band anytime soon, I still go out on tour every now and then to sub or fill in for various Broadway shows. That’s what I’m best at.

Recording session for a video series I developed on the power of music and storytelling.

I somehow have a gift for being able to learn a show really quickly and then slot myself into someone else’s seat in such a way that the rest of the band, cast or crew don’t realize that I’m there.

My background as a professional musician started as an honors graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where I received a bachelors degree in music performance as an electric bass player.

Upon graduation, I spent some time traveling around the world playing in various bands before coming home and falling in love with the impossible dream of one day performing on Broadway. Two years later, I found myself on stage with the original cast in the Tony Award Winning Broadway show Rent. Over the next few years, I continued to play in New York and travel the country in the first and second national tours as well as the 20th-anniversary tour.

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In addition to Rent, I performed in many other shows. Mostly Off-Broadway or on tour. I also recorded with Grammy Award Winning artists, wrote for Bass Player Magazine and penned several successful published books that have been translated to multiple languages and sold tens of thousands of copies.

How does all of this make sense with my career as a personal branding expert?

The way I got every single one of these gigs as a musician was through my personal brand. You see, I don’t teach people how to get rich by teaching people how to get rich by teaching people how to get rich.

I teach people how to live that impossible goal they have always dreamed about. And I live by example.