If you’re looking to grow your personal brand but you don’t want to do the actual work, I have some good news. While I don’t personally do the work for you, I have an incredible team of professionals who have been trained in my methodology of building personal brands and together, under my leadership, we can help you.

The name of my company is LoudMouse and we work mostly with high-level entrepreneurs who have developed a successful business and are looking to increase their own value to both the business and the world around them.

In other words, at this stage of their career, the value they have to offer has transitioned from the day to day running of the business to representing and growing the business as a speaker, author, coach, mentor, influencer or (and I hate using this term) thought leader.

The purpose behind building a personal brand at this stage at this level is to dramatically grow the business, be able to charge more and begin to build a personal legacy.

While this consulting option is not for everyone, you can find out more information by going to www.loudmouse.com to see if it’s a good fit.

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What People Are Saying

I couldn't give bigger praise to a friend and mentor than I would for Marc and all of his expertise of how to bring your brand and awareness to an entirely new level.
Vinnie Fisher
CEO, Fully Accountable
If you're looking for a personal branding expert that can speak at your event, work at your association or just help you personally brand better, Marc Ensign is your guy.
Phil Gerbyshak
Founder, Digital Selling Strategies
I just wanted to take this moment to let you know if you are thinking about engaging Marc, he is absolutely brilliant.
Simon T. Bailey
Hall of Fame Speaker
Marc had a solution that was able to help us create an online marketplace that has reached millions of people around the world!
Jairek Robbins
Keynote Speaker and Performance Coach
Thank you for everything you do for our firm. You are truly a genius!
Howard M. Shore
Speaker, Bestselling Author, Coach of Activate Group
Marc is knowledgeable, meets you where you are, doesn't drag you to where he thinks you should be, and has an incredible sense of humor (essential in when dealing with non-profits like us!).
Laura Amerman
Chief Development Officer, Breakthrough New York
I've used Marc in very complex projects and I've found his expertise invaluable.
Brian Giese
CEO, True Influence
No matter the sophistication or complexity of the job in question, Marc consistently delivers and far exceeds my expectations.
Robert Navarro
President & CEO, RA Audio
Marc Ensign has completely transformed our tour with his incredible dedication and influences.
Anthony Amos
President and CEO, Bathe to Save
As a savvy business owner, brilliant visionary, and engaging storyteller, I would highly recommend Marc for any project big or small. He genuinely cares about his team, his clients, and delivering solid results.
Stacey Ford
Manager Fanatical Support, Managed Cloud at Rackspace
He gets it at a deeper level than you or I do. From visual elements to functionality.
Hal Elrod
Best Selling Author, The Miracle Morning

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