Where are you right now? And where would you like to be? Those are the two questions you need to ask yourself. And if the answer to both of them is not the same, that means you have some work to do. But there’s a catch.

You are not going to easily fill the gap left to your own devices. Because if you do, it’s going to take a lot more time, attention, and money than it would if someone taught you the right strategy, gave you the best resources, and introduced you to a powerful community of people to hold your hand.

My commitment is to be that someone. And here’s how I do that.


I develop university-level online courses that are meant to keep you engaged and moving towards some big hairy goal that you’ve been chasing. More importantly, they get results.

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Several times throughout the year I give single and multi-day
hands-on workshops for small groups of under 100 attendees interested in developing their personal brands.

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I work with a select group of people who are interested in working directly with me to brainstorm, strategize and grow their business and their personal brand on a monthly basis.

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If you are looking for a group to brainstorm and hold you accountable, I run a successful mastermind group that will help you create the support you need to build your brand.

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Don’t feel like doing the work? You can actually hire me and my team to build, implement, and grow your personal brand. It’s a monthly program that will get you the results you want.

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